Why socioanalysis?

An established strategy in the “socioanalysis of self-inheritance” is to rely on Pierre Bourdieu’s original blueprint of socioanalysis but also to put forward quite different research points. The current project, too, shares this strategy, assuming that if Bourdieu’s practical problem was above all the “assisted self-analysis” that creates tolerance for social suffering, the socioanalysis of self-inheritance relies on the assisting functions of the socioanalyst in preclinical and clinical interventions oriented towards the possibilities of successful self-inheritance of traumatized persons with fractal identities, i.e. with a lost biographic illusio (the reason it was worth living for), the end result of which are non-Freudian daily psychopathologies. Understanding them requires specialized attention and emphasis on the effective methods that are proposed by post-Bourdieusian socioanalysis.