Todor Petkov
I propose a mental experiment based on a real case: I will construct an ideal-type hero with a biography strewn with social sufferings, contradictions of inheritance, successful and unsuccessful self-inheritances etc. on the basis of the actual life of a Bulgarian marginalist writer, i.e. a man who turns to creating literature in the situation when he ‘has no one to turn to’, and the more specific situation when those to whom he could turn experience analogous personal and social cataclysms and become his co-authors or implement in their own way literary projects that he has initiated, subsequently having, successfully or not, a socioanalytic therapeutic impact on him. In the different periods of his life he creates different variants types of prose within his general personal style, which can be taken as a socioanalytic projection of the success or failure of his self-inheritances. In this manner, the case provides an abundance of socioanalytic data and rich opportunities to test hypotheses from the different versions and periods of development of socioanalysis from Pierre Bourdieu through Deyan Deyanov to the latest development by the members of the project team, as well as to draw lessons for the development of the therapeutic toolbox of socioanalysis.