Visual strategy

What is a visual strategy of depicting social vulnerabilities in socioanalytic dimensions?

The visual strategy of depicting social vulnerabilities in socioanalytic dimensions is based on the idea of combining the narrow socioanalytic research interest with creative practices in art. Thus this strategy has the function of an auxiliary method of representation and exploration of the socioanalytic specifics of diverse forms of social vulnerability, both by socioanalysts and by other specialists or non-specialists whose interests, attention and activities are related to the problematic of social vulnerabilities.
The results of it, which are the photographs related to different forms of social vulnerabilities and their socioanalytic dimensions, give an innovative chance for provoking discussions and establishing partnerships between the research team and dialogue participants from the scientific, public and other spheres, who are interested in the project’s problematic. This is an essential element also of the activities of the Travelling Laboratory of Socioanalysis among whose main goals is to seek efficient strategies of restricting the production and reproduction of social vulnerabilities, marked by the research socioanalytic perspective of the project ‘I have no one to turn to’ – Socioanalytic Dimensions of Vulnerability.
The virtual strategy of photographing social vulnerabilities in socioanalytic dimensions (produced by the expert participation of photographer Ivan Markov) includes two main stages: Plannign and Shooting.