Radoslav Dayarski

My research project on “I have no one to turn to” – Socio-Analytical Dimensions of Vulnerability” will focus on researching the suffering of the homosexual. Suffering that is caused by a contemporary social construct – namely sexuality as a phenomenon arising from the objective and objectifying social processes of production – one of them is the family, for example. In turn, sexuality is a modifier of a part of human identity. It applies sexual identity to the human being, which for the ordinary person in everyday life appears to be a real and indispensable part of their existence. It is this incommensurability of the sexual identity and the dogmatic order of society that gives rise to the specific form of suffering of the homosexual person, since suffering arises from a seemingly essential part of the Self – namely its differentiated sexuality. The problem of the impossible inheritance passes through three lines where the homosexual feels himself as being pressed by an undefined status quo. The first is the unconscious automatic distinction of hetero / homosexual couples. The second is precisely the environment of vulnerability, which is reaffirmed by the social homophobic order. The third and true point of suffering is the deprivation of understanding, which powers the turning of the Self to itself and the specific form of suffering that this entails – the feeling of loneliness and inhibiting the sense of uniqueness.