1) Analytical goal: achieving a multidimensional non-classical analysis of various forms of experiencing fractalisation of identities in which social vulnerability is present.
2) Methodological goal: constructing a socioanalytic framework allowing the identification and reporting of different forms of vulnerability through the empirical study of individual cases.
3) Civil goal: organizing a ‘Travelling Laboratory of Socioanalysis’ through which to identify and promote among young people (mainly those enrolled in the secondary education) opportunities to deal with situations of vulnerability, as illustrated by the phrase ‘I have no one to whom I can turn, but I want to’.
4) The creation of a database of empirical data on vulnerability (in this case the socially excluded homeless populations, the racially, sexually and age-stigmatized such as Roma, homosexuals, (incurable) patients, the elderly, etc.) and the developed methodological framework will contribute towards: A) the career advancement and development of the project team members; B) the successful scientific and research legitimation of a new generation of researchers working in the interdisciplinary field of socioanalysis, based on the methods of the logic of practice and ethnomethodology as applied in the research of social suffering; C) the application of project results in the training of B.A., M.A. and Ph.D. students.