Within the framework of the project, socioanalytical empirical studies on the problem of forms of social vulnerabilities are conducted in nine research cases on the following topics: ‘The Unrealized / Unsuccessful Graduate’, ‘Roma, Homelessness, Inequality’, ‘The Homosexual Other’, ‘The Patient’s Suffering’, ‘The Desolated Village’, ‘The Socialist Man’, ‘The Successful Self-Inheritance After Meeting with the Death of the Other’, ‘The Refugee’, ‘When I Have No One to Turn To, I Write’. The work on them is closely linked to the theoretical and methodological objectives and activities of the project, the main of them being the development of socioanalytical identifiers of social vulnerability and the development of methodological approaches to the analysis of its different forms, reflected in the socioanalytical protocol developed in the project, etc.
Through the Traveling Laboratory of Socioanalysis, the opportunities for coping with vulnerable situations are explored and promoted, as illustrated by the phrase ‘I have no one to turn to!’, with the implicitly stated ‘but I want to’. On the other hand, a visualized presentation of the results of the project is planned in a specifically designed online platform entitled ‘Everyday (Un)stated Motives’, which will allow to visually present various forms of socioanalytical cases (on social suffering, vulnerability, successful/unsuccessful self-inheritance, loss of biographical illusio, everyday psychopathologies, etc.), thus expanding the narrow socioanalytical research interest into creative art practices. The innovative nature of this approach lies in its focus on the visual and intellectual provocation of attention to the socially significant problems of specific forms of social vulnerabilities in contemporary Bulgarian society in order to provide an opportunity to instigate debates on the subject with wider public participation.

Work packages of the project:

1. Development of socioanalytical indicators
2. Developing methodological approaches
3. Empirical research
4. Organization of scientific forums
5. Workshop
6. Creation of a Travelling Laboratory for Socioanalysis
7. Creating an socioanalytical archive on social vulnerability
8. Dissemination of results
9. Project Management